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Need apps to reach your customers on different platforms?

Businesses, nowadays, need to be accessible on more and more platforms. Pollux Global offers all kinds of app development services, providing your customers with access through plenty of devices. Be it custom or native apps, for Android, iOS or Windows platform, or responsive cross-platform web apps, our engineers build it all. We carefully register your requirements, and deliver a product that exceeds your expectations in usability, interface and functionality.

iOS Development

Pollux Global has built a huge bunch of iOS apps to function on diverse Apple Devices, and has set a standard in the industry. Moreover, our developers are adept at development using Swift, C and Objective-C, furnishing your app with required functionality and a great user interface.

Android App Development

Android apps function on countless devices. Pollux Global takes care of it all. Our android developers create apps that are closely in sync with your requirement specification, and also expertly bolstered in quality. We have ample experience, developing apps in all Android releases including the latest ones, and in innumerable gadgets like phones, wearables and custom devices.

Responsive Web App Development

Websites/web apps need to be responsive for functioning correctly irrespective of users’ browser or screen-size. Pollux Global creates robust and responsive web apps readily adaptive to different access media, providing every user with great experience. Our web apps are designed for comfortable navigation and reading in various devices. Need a sample? Try navigation through this website using different-sized screens.

The Internet of Things

Internet connectivity is now reaching every small and big aspect of your life. Your house, car, table, refrigerator etc. can all be designed to interact with users. Mobile apps are connecting and synchronizing everything around you, and Pollux Global can help you become a part of this revolution by developing IOT apps using iBeacons, implementing new ideas, and developing amazing interfaces.

Wearable Development

Wearable devices are gaining vogue in all fields, be it security, health, retail or any other, and this technology is essentially mobile. We are determined to set milestones in this area, too, and with you, we can create biometrics, flexible screens, holographs, recognition devices, and what not.

Backend Integration Development

Pollux Global’s backend-as-a-service, enables you to reach your market swiftly, adding flexibility, accessibility, and portability to your apps. We proficiently perform user integration, cloud storage, payments, GPS, security, notifications, CRM integration, API connection, etc.

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